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Assistant Flight Instructor (AFI)


Assistant Flight Instructor (AFI) Rating

The Flight Instructor Rating is essential for Commercial Pilot Licence holders who wish to become Flight Instructors and provide training to aspiring pilots. The IATAC AFI/FI Rating Training course is designed to meet the standards set by CAAM, adhering to the relevant Civil Aviation Directives and Guidance Materials.

Entry Requirements:

  • Minimum age of 21 years.
  • Approval letter from the Civil Aviation Authority of Malaysia.
  • A current and valid Malaysian Commercial Pilot Licence / Instrument Rating (Aeroplane).
  • At least 200 flying hours on aircraft before starting the course, excluding simulator hours.
  • Pass a Class I medical examination with a requisite certificate from a CAAM Designated Medical Examiner.
  • English language proficiency at a minimum of level 4, with higher competence preferred.

Training Programme Outline

Instructional Technique Training - 30 Hours

Theoretical Knowledge Training - 70 Hours

Flying Training - 35 Hours

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