International Aero Training Academy (IATAC) offers pilot training course (Private, Instrument, ATPL Groundschool). We are operating Kota Kinabalu and Sandakan,Sabah for the previous 8 years under different names and managements. Just about a year back we shifted to Melaka, with all our facilities, fleets, equipments and our well qualified manpower. In fact we are lucky to take over the facilities like the premises, a large hangar with almost comprehensive infrastructure here in Melaka International Airport. As you would see further down in this website, our aircraft fleets are relatively new. However our hangar apron is not connected to the runway and the construction of this taxiway is under construction. As this is a short taxiway, we expect that it will be ready soon. As you may also browse in this website, Melaka is ideally located in Peninsular Malaysia that would enable students visit their guardians without having to travel long distances. This is exactly the reason why we shifted to Melaka from Sandakan. Also, the Peninsular Malaysia has more flying aspirant.

In the present circumstances, we need to reduce expenses for the students and the sponsors. Thus having ready infrastructure is helping us in offering a competitive fees structure. It is not only the fees, but the location of Melaka has economical advantages especially in transport logistics for the students.

Thus, take the initiative to come and visit us if you have aspirations for taking up flying and coming to Melaka can be a breeze anywhere from Perlis to Johor.

Investigate, Evaluate then Make your selection where you want to pursue your flight training!!

At this juncture please note our motto: "Excellence Through Integrity"

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Competitive Course Fees and Better Facilities!

Our course fees are competitive in Malaysia and many other countries. Even at lower fees, we are able to offer world-class training, state of the art relatively new aircrafts, new generation glass-cockpit in our aircrafts and in our Alsim 200 FNPT II simulator with Cockpit Resources Management and Multi Crew Co-Oporation exposure.
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