The Diamond DA42 is ideal for multi-engine training offering training pilots multi-engine experience with glass cockpit environment, and to fly approaches and procedures in conditions similar to the regional jets that they will fly after graduation. Combined with the seamless integration of professional level simulation, we can offer students world class training experience and almost guaranteed success.



IATAC is proud to have chosen the Diamond DA40 for single engine aircraft for our training pilots. IATAC is very impressed with the DA40s' superb safety features, wonderful handling characteristics with state of the art integrated glass cockpit for both VFR and IFR training and highly efficient low drag airframe.


ALSIM 200-DA42


Our Flight Simulator Device is a replica of the DA42 Aircraft that offers a complete line-up of type-specific flight training simulators –FNPT II. Trainees will benefit from economical practice time, including motor programmed skills for emergency situations that can be scheduled irrespective of weather conditions. Built with real avionics, high-end visuals and sophisticated instructor operating stations, times on the Simulator will increase safety, efficiency and effectiveness plus offer a cleaner, greener way to train.



IATAC Academy uses brand new and modern aircraft for the flight training courses. The Diamond DA40 that is used for the single engine training and the Diamond DA42 that is used for the twin engine training are all fitted with the "glass cockpit", the Garmin G1000.



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